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Lisabelle Panossian

Lisabelle is a senior originally from San Francisco, California. She is double majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and the Law and Public Relations. She is the president of USC's Society of Woman in the Law (SWIL) for the 2020-2021 school year. Besides her involvement in SWIL, she began the Immigration Court Observation Program at USC. Lisabelle was a big proponent in rebranding SWIL and she came up with their trademark description of their members: “badass future lady lawyers.” She created the slogan because she wants women to feel unapologetic about entering a male dominated field. She wanted young women to feel empowered and to feel like they are equal. T. Lisabelle describes SWIL as different from other pre-law organizations in their focus on making the legal field, a predominantly male saturated field, inclusive for women. SWIL wants to create a legal field with people from different backgrounds and voices to push law into the future in order to change the narrative of law as not being archaic and creating a new vision for the law.

In her tenure as president she wants to partner with other pr-elaw organizations on campus to merge messages of female empowerment and allow women interested in the legal field to reach their full potential. She stated “SWIL is important because these are still voices missing in industry and there are still gaps we need a space like SWIL to amplify these intersectional voices.” Some fun facts about her are that she is a dual citizen of Lebanon and the United States, but has never actually been to Lebanon. Additionally, she has traveled to twenty six countries. Her advice to future trojans is “Listen to other people, try to make friends beyond what you are comfortable with , and expose yourself to all different types of people. Find people that represent more than what you’re comfortable with.”

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