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Sandra Olmedo

Sandra is a senior majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Spanish and Public Health. She is the former president of USC’s chapter of Kappa Delta Chi for the Fall 2020 semester. Besides her involvement in KD Chi, she is a Norman Topping Scholar and a Latino Alumni Association Scholar. To her, being a part of a multicultural sorority means “being part of a community that focuses on disparities that people of color face. Whether that be adapting at a predominantly white university or existing in the workplace . Kappa Delta Chi focuses on the Hispanic community promoting education and resources to help people that belong to these. While the USC chapter is mainly Latinas, anyone can join this sorority as long as they have a passion for helping out the hispanic community." Sandra describes KDChi members as “go getters who are making a difference in their community.”

She believes that Kappa Delta Chi helps empower women by: "allowing us to create a space that is only woman and fiercely loving. It allows us to create a space that is accountable and most importantly it creates a safe space. It allows you to be you.” She described her role as president as : “the face of the sorority and the one in charge of talking to our nationals. I do not get voting rights, but instead to guide people and help facilitate conversations.” She described her leadership style as: “needing to hear what everyone has to say before [she] makes an important decision. [She] likes to listen first to understand and then go from there- making sure everyone is updated and on the same page.” Some fun facts about her is that her favorite place to eat on campus is not a restaurant, but rather a place - the bridge by the film school! One of her favorite things to do is try new foods, which she sees always makes her feel better. Her advice to future trojans is “ Make sure you get involved. As a person who thought my academics was everything before extracurriculars I knew I would find my community. Once you get involved in a community the world gets so much smaller.”.

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