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None of this would be possible without them.


Co-Director of Content

Lauren Kassarjian is one of our two content creators. She is from Los Angeles, California and is a recent graduate who majored in Political Science.


“When I first discovered Trojan Herstory, I admired its amazing platform of young women who tell other women’s success stories to inspire one another. As a female USC student, it was very insightful reading about all the alumni and powerful leaders we share our beautiful school with. This is truly a safe space to share each other’s journeys and experiences at USC and to empower all of our fellow female Trojans. Joining this team was something that felt right and I can’t wait for the future of Trojan Herstory.”  




Valeria is one of the co-founders of Trojan Herstory. She is from Bayamon, Puerto Rico and is currently a senior at USC. She is majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a m

“Trojan Herstory started as a way to reconnect with campus while physically distant in a way that made us reflect upon the amazing women that had also called USC their home and are now striving in the professional world. I wanted to create a space where Trojan women could share their stories in order to highlight the diversity of backgrounds, interests, cultures, etc. that our community holds and help current and future Trojans find a source of inspiration through these features.“ 



Arianne Ontiveros is one of the co-founders of Trojan Herstory. Arianne is from El Paso, Texas and is currently a senior at  USC. She is double majoring in Law, History, and Culture, and Communication. 

“Coming to USC I realized how accomplished my classmates were. They were running non-profits, creating businesses, and running amazing organizations on campus.  This really made me wonder what they were doing after graduation. This thought became Herstory, which I wanted to be a way to showcase Trojan women who were achieving their dreams in the real world . I also wanted Herstory to be a way for current Trojans to connect with these women, and to find women who looked like them at every level of intersectionality. What better way to do that then through a fun and girly platform!” 

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Co-Director of Content

Anahi is one of our two content creators . She is from El Paso, Texas, and is currently a Senior  at USC double majoring in Political Science and French.  

“I really admired the community and space that Trojan Herstory created and I found that it was a great platform that aimed to uplift women and their stories and I wanted to be a part of a community that worked towards inspiring other women. I believe that this platform is extremely valuable and it empowers all Trojan women!” 

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