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Celia Bartel

Celia is a senior majoring in Political Science and pursuing their masters in Public Policy. They are the co-executive director of the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment (SAGE). Beyond their involvement in SAGE Celia is also part of Helenes, which is a service oriented organization. They were born in Washington D.C., but grew up in Claremont California.

Celia became involved in SAGE because since high school they had been very involved in feminist spaces. They joined SAGE because of its emphasis on intersectionality. They wanted to learn more about how to approach feminism in a lense that was not that of white feminism. They also think SAGE is so important because of how broad it is. They have various different smaller organizations focused on different niche gender needs, such as Flow or Women in Chemistry. They also have various different events such as FemFest or Body Love month. SAGE is able to be incredibly multifaceted, due to their part in student government.

Celia describes their role with SAGE as one where they work alongside the other co-executive director and assistant director to : ‘hire all of our executive board. We also organize executive board meetings. Our primary responsibility is to brainstorm what SAGE is going to be doing and what vision should be implemented for SAGE. There is a lot of creative freedom because USG has so many resources.”

Celia said that for the future of SAGE: “I would like us to collaborate with other organizations, so that we can better understand the needs for various communities on our campus. They also want SAGE members to know that they are a safe space.” In terms of future plans Celia is interested in continuing their violence prevention work, as well as doing policy work or anything within the nonprofit sector. Celia's favorite song at the moment is Conversation with Fletcher: “there’s currently a lot of tea surrounding this song.” Their advice to future Trojans is : “Take advantage of your time on campus and while your school work is important, clubs are what makes USC a great experience.”

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