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Gabriella Mcadam

Gabrielle is a senior originally from Orange County, California. She was the 2020 president of USC’s Alpha Delta Pi Chapter. She is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Business Marketing. On campus she is the team lead for the Associate Dean of Annenberg, creates content for Society 53, and is a part of Greek Life. She describes her role as the former President of Alpha Delta Pi (ADPI) as “a lot of behind the scenes” allowing her to “ grow in numerous ways. It is also a lot of communicating and collaborating with your team.” Gabriella chose ADPi because she “was looking for people that were genuine, fun, and that [she] wanted to be best friends with.” She felt that the people she met in the house while rushing were girls she could connect with, regardless of her joining the house or not.

The legacy she wanted to leave as president “is one of creating an open and passionate environment.” During her time as president she wanted to work to make the chapter become antiracist , while setting up the next leaders with the proper tools to make us welcoming and inclusive to all people.” Some fun facts about her is that she used to work for the LA Dodgers and her favorite movie is the Sandlot. Her advice to girls who are thinking about rushing is: “Just do it because even if you do not decide to be a part of Greek life it is a great way to meet people. It is an emotional roller-coaster sometimes, but going through that experience with other girls is extremely empowering.” Additionally, her advice to future Trojans is “Don’t take the experience for granted, go head first with everything you're passionate about, and take advantage of all the great things that USC has to offer.”

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