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Jaryn Valdry

Jaryn is a junior, originally from Charleston, South Carolina. She is the current president of USC’s Chapter of The Women’s Network. She is majoring in Communications with a double minor in Dance and Music. Besides The Women’s Network, she is on the Design Committee for the Black Business Student Association, a member of the Concerts Committee in the Hospitality Center, and a part of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. Her responsibilities as president of the USC chapter include “communicating with the board and general members, informing others of our presence, and building a community of ambitious women.” For her the most important part of being a part of The Women’s Network is “being able to connect with people on different campuses and make connections with women everywhere in an environment that is accessible to every woman." She describes The Women’s Network as not only fostering ambitious women, but “being collaborative not competitive meaning this is an inclusive space where anyone can find their place- regardless of major, race, or socioeconomic status”.

She believes The Women’s Network empowers women by “allowing women to be ambitious - a lot of the time people will tell women to quiet down. However this organization tells women that they are important and to do anything they put their mind to.” Some fun facts about her is that her favorite book is The Outliers by Malcolm Gladewell and she was a classically trained saxophonist for ten years. The legacy she wants to leave as president is : “Allowing members to understand that no path is the same and to realize that your path is your own and no one else's.” Her advice to future Trojans is “ stay true to yourself and don’t let other people’s opinions change who you are and what you want to do.

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