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Maddie Drossos

Maddie is a senior originally from Dallas, Texas. She is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Computer Programming. She was the 2020 president of USC’s Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Besides Kappa, she was a former member of the Marshall LINC (Learning about International Commerce) program, which gave her the opportunity to visit Finland and Sweden. She also was a former member of the honors council in the USC’s Leventhal School of Accounting. Maddie knew she wanted to be president of Kappa since recruitment when the president at the time make a speech that deeply resonated with her. She described her leadership style as “understanding, but firm”, never forgetting that she was leading her friends, meaning she needed to be flexible and able to empathize with them. She describes the women of USC Kappa as motivated and go-getters. She said : “They are some of the most incredible women I’ve ever been a part of."

Maddie said that her future plans for USC Kappa Kappa Gamma include "seeing their inclusion plan go into place and be effective, to continue expanding their philanthropy, and to never become complacent in their core values.” Her advice to future Trojans is : “Be curious and be willing to step out of your comfort zone - especially at the beginning. Once you find your comfort zone, continue pushing outside of it. A general sense of curiosity is really important.” Additionally her advice to girls thinking about rushing is “Don’t try to be an exaggerated version of yourself. Be you, speak your truth, have good conversation, and you will be happy in the end"

Some fun facts about her is that she loves documentaries and two of her favorite places to eat in Los Angeles are Maccheroni Republic and Jon & Vinny’s.

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