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Stephanie Mendoza Jimenez

Stephanie is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in dance. She is originally from Carlsbad, California. She is the current president of USC’s chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers for the 2020-2021 school year. Besides her involvement in SHPE, she started her own organization on campus called GAME. GAME is an acronym for Girls in AeroSpace & Mechanical Engineering). In the engineering field minorities - Latinos especially- are underrepresented communities. SHPE provides its member network and advice to succeed in college and feel at home and comfortable and know you have a voice. Even though you may be a part of an underserved community we teach you that you can make a difference and that you matter.” She says that what sets SHPE apart from other organizations on campus is “that we emphasize every part of the college experience. We have a huge emphasis on everything from mental health to professional development to diversity training. I think we do a great job of being a well-rounded organization.” She describes her leadership style as “democratic, trying to lead by example, and trying to lead through the input of others. I think I especially try to take input from others because the whole role of this organization is to benefit our members.

In her tenure as SHPE’s president she plans to create a more inclusive environment by reaching out to a higher volume of companies that are inclusive of other majors that are not just computer science, aeronautical, or mechanical engineering. This is due to these majors dominating the field of engineering. She also wants to bridge the gap between SHPE USC’S graduate and undergraduate members. Some fun facts about her is that some of her hobbies include painting, dancing, and baking. Additionally, her favorite place to explore is Downtown Los Angeles. Her advice to future Trojans is “ Do not let fear dictate your actions. My freshman year I was determined to make the most of USC’ resources. The fear of feeling like I did not know enough deterred me from taking advantage of the opportunities USC had available. Do not be afraid, reach out to people, be annoying when you want something. Take advantage of the resources USC offers and reach out to everyone you can!”

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