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Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine Hernandez is a family attorney with her own firm: “Law Office of Jasmine Hernandez.” She graduated from USC with a major in Political Science and a minor in Communication in 2008. During her time at USC, she was involved in Omega Phi Beta as well as the pre-law fraternity: Phi Alpha Delta. After she graduated from USC, she went to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) to obtain her law degree.

She is currently licensed in New York where she practices family law, with an emphasis on the representation of children. She opened her law firm just two years after graduating - it is now six years old. Her day heavily consists of court appearances, meeting clients – virtually, now, and phone calls; she states that she can be on the phone for three hours with various different cases. Her favorite part of having her own firm is being able to be her own boss. However, that does not mean that being a female attorney does not have its fallbacks, especially a young Latina attorney who is also a first-generation college student. Her early success and her ability to relate to her clients due to being younger, approachable, charismatic and motivated has allowed her to reach a deep sense of trust with her clients who tend to be children.

One of her greatest memories as part of the USC community is being a part of the sorority Omega Phi Beta. She believes the recruitment process helped her in being an attorney- always being prepared and being able to advocate on behalf of her client and community. Learning how to put together events and exhibit her professionalism during meetings gave her much needed tools for the real world. While clearly her career is not a 9-5 job, after work she has committed herself to local organizations, sits on several committees in the court system, and organizes events for the Latino community. Jasmine even sit on the board to a medical clinic who provides services to children who have disabilities. Some fun facts about her are that her favorite things to do are to go out and eat and to spend time with her mom. Her favorite music genre is Reggaetón.

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