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Melina Abdullah

Dr. Melina Abdullah graduated from Harvard with a B.A in African American studies and continued her higher education at USC where she earned a M.A. and a PhD in Political Science. Since graduation, Melina has made an impact on the social and political climate surrounding African American recognition. She was appointed by the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission in 2014 where she broadcasted her expertise in class, gender and racial social movements. She co-founded the infamous Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter and she was an honorary mention in the victory of ethnic studies being a mandate requirement in LAUSD curriculum.

Currently she is a part of various social groups and organizations that work towards equality and change in favor of people of color. Dr. Abdullah has won various awards for her work including the 2016 Racial Justice Award and was recognized by LA Weekly as one of the most influential Los Angeles leaders. She currently teaches at CSULA and is determined to continue to leave an impact on the person of color community of Los Angeles.

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