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PhePhe Rose

PhePhe Rose is a designer and entrepreneur who has built her own personal and professional brand around her passion for creating. She graduated from USC in 2009, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. During her time at USC, she was mainly involved in Omega Phi Beta, where she took on various leadership positions including president. She also studied abroad through the Architecture school, visiting various countries in Southeast Asia.

After graduating, she worked for Stuho Property Management before deciding to leave and work with an Omega Phi Beta sister on a startup. While the first two startups she worked on did not catch on, the third one, focusing on property management, was a major success in and eventually merged with Mosaic. Alongside her professional development, she was creating social media content and posting her art on Facebook, allowing her to gain a following and recognition. After the successful startup, combined with her ongoing support on social media, she knew she had the tools necessary to begin her own business. Her business is composed of two services: “Brush Up Your Brand” and “Brush Up Your Space”. Brush Up Your Brand was the founding aspect of her business- consisting of branding and graphic design services for personal brands. She later incorporated “Brush Up Your Space” as a way to utilize the skills she learned at USC while studying architecture as well as her previous work experience. “Brush Up Your Space” is interior design services- where Phe Phe’s “drafts, mockups, and selects furniture to fit your space perfectly.” Her motto for her brand is “Dare to DREAM up my potential. CREATE to unlock my imagination. And INSPIRE to empower the next generation.”

PhePhe's favorite part of being a Trojan is the common bond it creates with the rest of the Trojan Family and how, despite graduating 12 years ago, she still feels connected to USC and still carries her Trojan pride. Furthermore, her favorite part of being involved in Omega Phi Beta while at USC was that she found a home away from home, as well as finding a space where she could interact with other students with similar interests that were not studying architecture. Through Omega Phi Beta, she grew as person, developing her leadership skills, while making lifelong friendships that will help her in her professional and personal endeavors. Some fun facts about Phe Phe is that her favorite thing to do in her free time is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and her go to karaoke song is “No Scrubs” by TLC!

Learn more about PhePhe Rose and her work at her website:

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