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Susan Kim

Susan Kim has greatly impacted the world of makeup and cosmetology through her numerous working experiences working with multiple big-name cosmetic brands. Susan graduated from USC with a B.S in Business administration in 2001, while at USC she was a Presidential Scholar. She continued her education at Harvard Business School where she obtained a Masters of Business Administration 2010. While attending Harvard, Susan started her journey of business at Marriott International where she was a manager and marketing partner during the year 2009.

Following her work with Marriott International, Susan worked as the senior manager of marketing at L’ Oreal from 2010-2011. She then started working as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics. Other titles that Susan held while at Benefit Cosmetics are: Director of Global Strategic Marketing and Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing. During her time at Benefit Cosmetics, she also co-founded Little Spark Inc., an early online subscription service for early childhood. Currently, Susan works as the Senior Vice President of marketing and digital at Huda Beauty.

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